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About Us

We do this for the people


Angie and Tina

Angie and Tina are dedicated to making a safe space where girls can fly to their hearts content. They started this gym in 2017 because they believed they could build a place where their hard work and dedication can come to life. Through Wave Gymnastics, we hope that people not only enjoy their time here, but also leave with a newfound confidence in their abilities to do their best. Learning to excel in gymnastics can be hard, but with the right time, focus, and dedication, there is no goal that can't be achieved.

Through these values, Tina and Angie hope to help each athlete achieve their goals for greater heights. Whether it be a Tsukahara on vault or a perfect beam score; these two coaches will dedicate all their time and thought to cultivate a great experience.


Angie and Tina have been in this gymnastics business for over 40 years (as of 2024), and through these years have sustained multiple relationships with old athletes and parents who remind them every day of their mission.


By being competitive gymnasts and coaching for more than 36 years each of these two have the experience of a lifetime combined.


They hold true to their beliefs and you can see it in the gym and their coaching.

Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

Gymnastics is a hard sport that requires a lot of training and dedication. Most gyms over train their gymnasts which can lead to them leaving the sport. Here at Wave Gymnastics, we try to coach with care by making sure the athletes have a well balanced life. At Wave, we re-enforce good habits and form with an understand of their limits. We strive to strengthen their confidence and enable them to push through their hardest challenges.

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