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Helping Others Find Their Tide

Tumbling since 2017

Gymnastics is what we do

"Wave Gymnastics is a quality gym with competitive fun!"


So here is the twist

Do you like doing cartwheels for fun? Do you enjoy climbing the monkey bars and doing flips at the park? Do you have a knack for tumbling around the field at school? Then we have just the place for you!

Welcome to Wave gymnastics where we safely learn how to have fun and tumble! From forward rolls to back handsprings, we will safely teach you how to strengthen your athletic ability!

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Our Mavericks

We have four competitive teams ranging from level 3 to level 9. Our girls are dedicated to competing at a high level and doing their best to achieve greatness. We focus on strength, flexibility, and confidence to increase their athletic ability and overall performance.



Gymnastics may be one of the hardest sports, but through constant discipline and dedication, you can learn to fly. But don't forget, the most important thing is to have fun! Friday handstand and team building games with friends always brings a smile!


We have classes for girls ages 1-14 and boys ages 1-5. Our colorful gym strives for inclusion and fun! 

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